Using the Training Plan wizard

Today’s Plan can build you a plan based on your answers to a survey that you complete online.

You can also design your own structured training plan by dragging individual workouts onto the calendar-

You have 3 ways to create a training plan for an event (For example a Race or  Gran Fondo or Century).

You can:

  1. Add your event to your personal Calendar (press + button top right of the find an event view) then create your own plan dragging workouts from the workout library onto the calendar – You DON’T need the training plan subscription to do this.
  1. Add your event to your personal Calendar then use the Training Plan wizard to create a plan for the event. You DO need the training plan subscription to do this and there are a few extra stages over the third option (below).
  2. Add your event to the public events list, (Today’s Plan support will do this for you). Then use the Training Plan wizard to create a plan for the event. You DO need the training plan subscription to do this

If you have the plan subscription you can get your event added to the “find an event” screen and then the plan wizard can build a custom plan for you.

To do this contact support desk and they will add it. This usually takes less than 24 hours.

How to use the Wizard to build a structured training plan

Go to the athlete’s menu top right (your name) and select plans

If there is already a plan you can’t create a new one.

You can delete an existing plan using the bin icon on the far right had side. You will get this warning message:

“Deleting a plan will not delete any of your completed ride data. Only the workout prescription and scheduled metadata of the workout will be deleted”

If you are happy with this go ahead and delete your plan

If there is no existing plan you will see this view:

Click on find or build me a plan and you will see this popup

From the dropdown you can select Ride, Run or Triathlon. The plan builder wizard currently only works for rides. If you select run and triathlon you are taken to a list of pre built plans to choose from without completing a survey.

If you select Ride you are given the choice of generating a plan to target either

  • A Specific Goal
  • An Event/Race

Choosing either option takes you into the survey process which begins with this information screen: (Some Events bypass the survey and take you straight to the Plan)

“To build you a tailored training plan we are going to take you through a short survey.

The survey includes questions about your current riding schedule, your goals and your weekly availability.

If you don’t know the answer to some questions just leave the default value in place and proceed.

Your new training program is built around proven sports science methodologies – including periodisation, progressive overload and scheduled recovery periods.

Once your plan is ready, take a little time to read through the plan summary and take a look at scheduled workouts on your calendar.

If you don’t have a valid subscription you’re able to purchase one by navigating to your Services page. You are under no obligation to buy the plan. Throughout your plan if your goals or availability change or you are required to take a forced break through injury or illness you’ll be able to delete and rebuild your plan as often as you like during your service period.

Once built you can also move your sessions around on the calendar – simply drag and drop if you need to move things around”

If you are happy with this Click “go for it” and you are taken to the survey process.

If you click on Specific Goal you will see this view:

Click “go for it” and you are taken to the survey process which will ask you about your goals for this training plan.

You will need to specify the primary goal of this training plan. The options are as follows:

General Fitness

  • Ability to ride at a sustained pace for a long period of time?
  • Ability to match surges and accelerations in a bunch, group or race ride?
  • Rate your general bike handling and bike technical skills?
  • Rate your ability to plan and consume nutrition in your training and racing?

Improve a specific cycling skill

  • Bunch riding
  • Ability to ride with faster bunches (PI lactate tolerance & max aerobic power)
  • Cadence
  • Increase cadence and spin faster
  • Climb faster
  • Ability to climb hills faster (PI sustained & max aerobic power)
  • Climb longer
  • Ability to climb bigger hills and for longer periods of time (PI short & long endurance)
  • Endurance
  • Ability to ride for longer (PI short & long endurance)
  • Recovery
  • Post event recovery period
  • Tempo
  • Ride at a tempo pace for longer and raise your tempo pace (PI sustained aerobic power & short endurance)
  • Threshold power
  • Increase your threshold power. Ride with a higher power output for longer (PI sustained aerobic power)

Target a Specific Event

This is for Events you have added to your own calendar NOT events you have asked to be added to the public events list. You add the Event to your calendar by clicking the + Button on the events view accessed from the athletes menu > events and entering the event details:

Weight loss

There are no options for this, you just continue to the standard Survey

If you Click on Event/Race you will see this view:

Find your event or get Support to add it for you.

The Survey Process


Generating the Structured Training Plan

Once you have been through the survey and the system has completed its number crunching you may or may not see this message:

To provide a plan that suits both your goals and availability we have had to increase some of the daily time you specified. Please review the sessions and if these do not work for you please send us a support request. We are currently under development to allow you to manually edit some sessions, which will make this review and modification process simple.

Once a plan has been added to your calendar a new menu item: “View Plan” appears in the main header menu

Click on the item and you will see a pop up with full details of your new training plan which you should check review.

You may also get this message:

To provide a plan that suits both your goals and availability we have had to increase some of the daily time you specified.

If you need to make any changes you can contact support using the usual methods