The Main Menu Explained

The Main menu is at the top of every view. The View plan item only appears if you have created a training plan. The main menu items are as follows:

Dashboard: Analysis area with charts showing trends over time (To analysis individual activities click on the activity in the calendar view). This is where you will find the Load Chart (Equivalent to Training Peaks Performance Management Chart – PMC).

Calendar: Annual calendar showing planned and actual activities. Also lets you search and add workouts from the workout library.

Inbox: System messages and achievement notifications.

View Plan: view full details of your current training plan (this link only shows if you have a training plan scheduled).

Alert Panel: Displays time sensitive system messages.

Jump to: Opens a calendar pop up allowing you to go to a past or future date.

Search: Quick search by keyword or popular filters.

Upload File: Upload an activity file in .fit .ant .gpx .act .tcx .srm .pwx .json .bdx .csv .gz and .rde formats. You can also find out how to upload a TrainingPeaks csv file or to upload directly from your bike computer.

Refresh: Refresh this view.

Help: Link to FAQs and Support messaging system.

Athlete Menu: Various setup and planning options.