The Account Settings Explained

This is the first item on the Athlete menu it’s important to spend some time accurately entering your settings, preferences and measurements. Many of the training metrics use these values in their calculations.

Here’s what each of the accounts settings tabs are used for:

Profile: This is where you enter your personal details and measurements.


  • Email: This panel allows you to configure the emails you’ll receive. Emails available include: Smart Notices, Scheduled workouts and weekly summary data.
  • Smart Alerts: This panel allows you to configure what Smart Notices (Alerts) you’ll get when you upload activity files.Smart notices alert you to potentially invalid activity data, or if your power meter or bike computer is incorrectly configured. Smart Notices can also help you calculate your thresholds.
  • Achievements: This panel allows you to configure what achievements the system will track for you and which achievements you would like to be notified on.Achievements are where you have done a ‘best’ result in a given time period. For example: The longest ride in the last 6 months, or the highest peak 1 min power in the last 6 weeks.Monitoring your achievements is a great way of tracking your progress.
  • Calendar: This panel allows you to set up synchronization of your training calendar with external calendar programs which support an ICS link.

Ratings: This panel allows you to configure which subjective wellness questions are displayed to you. It lets you hide any questions and inputs that aren’t relevant to the way you train.

Thresholds/Zones: This is where you enter your training zone details

Power Meters: When you upload an activity that contains power meter data the power meter details will be registered here. Click on the icons on the right to edit or delete the power meter.

You can also check the retire box in the edit view if you no longer use the device but don’t want to delete it.

Training: Set your availability schedule, skill level and equipment type.

Connections: Lets you connect and disconnect popular apps to Today’s Plan.

Licences: You can save your licensing details from your national cycling federation here.

Bike Fit: Keep a record of all the important measurements of your bike(s) fit.