[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Cycling analytics offers the best way to reach your ultimate potential. There are so many data points that can be measured, no-one needs to rely on guesswork anymore.

Power Meters have revolutionized the way cyclists train. They directly measure the power generated and unlike heart rate cannot be influenced by external influences such as temperature, psychological stress, caffeine intake, and digestion.

These days, any cycling enthusiast can afford technology that just a few years ago was only available to the Pro Teams. The problem now is how to make sense of the data and use it to guide your development programme.

Data needs an interpreter, someone who can “Tell the Story” behind the data. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) will take over in the future but for now it needs a human.

As a trained Engineer and Data Scientist I offer my services to anyone who wants to really understand, in plain English, what their computers are telling them and what to do to meet their objectives.

I offer this service during our guided tours/training camps and remotely/online as an ongoing coaching programme.

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