Training Peaks and Golden Cheetah are the two main cycling training tools.

Both offer similar features, although there are slight differences in naming conventions as a result of trademark registrations.

Training peaks is arguably easier for the non technical user and is very much geared towards goal setting and building and executing training plans, usually with the help of a coach. You can add Training plans to your calendar and just let the software run your training program for you if you want. Emailing you when it is time for your ride!

Golden Cheetah focuses more on data analysis and really getting under the bonnet of your cycling performance. To get the most from Golden Cheetah it really helps to have a good understanding of the science of training for cycling.

Data Cheetah is Free (open source) and is built and maintained by enthusiasts, Training Peaks is commercial software and costs $9.92 Month paid annually (there is a Free version of Training Peaks but I wouldn’t bother with this).

The chart below compares the key features of Golden Cheetah and Training Peaks

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