Every data collection device needs to store it’s data in a file. Most devices support one or more of these common files types making it possible to move data between apps and devices.

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FIT The FIT, or Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer, file format was developed by Garmin and is used by most recent Garmin devices such as the Garmin Edge 510/520, Garmin Edge 810, Garmin Edge 1000, Garmin Forerunner 310XT and many more. It us also used by Wahoo in the Elemnt and Elemnt Bolt.

The FIT file format is complex and allows for all sorts of data to be stored beyond what bike computers typically create.

GPX — The GPX, or GPS eXchange, format was designed to store GPS routes, it has since been extended to store information like heart rate and cadence.

TCX — The TCX, or Training Center XML, format is an advanced version of GPX developed by Garmin.

SRM — SRM files are produced by SRM PowerControl head units.

DAT — DAT files are produced by Wattbike indoor bikes.

PWX — The PWX file format is similar to TCX and was developed Peaksware.

CSV — A CSV is a generic text file often used in spreadsheets. There are many different ways that CSV (or comma separated values) file formats are structured.

BIN — BIN files are produced by Cycleops Joule devices.

DB — DB files are produced by Pioneer head units. They are actually Sqlite databases.