We all want to eat whole foods but sometimes you just need comfort food. These  are the best of the best vegan alternatives to the treats that are too hard to give up forever.

Scrambled Eggs

Just EGG

Nutella Style Spread

Vego Chocolate

Peanut Butter

Almost all Peanut butters are vegan so you have a huge choice. Look for peanut butter that is minimally processed, contains no more than two to three ingredients (unless they’re flavored with whole food ingredients like spices), and be organic if possible.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is great, way better than milk chocolate and most dark chocolate is vegan. A few brands of dark chocolate add whey or other milk products, so check the ingredients to be 100% sure.

Also make sure to choose fair trade, organic chocolate if possible.

Sausage Roll

A sausage roll is a very British thing. Greggs the high street baker have a Quorn based sausage roll in their high street shops

It uses a special vegan version of Quorn as regular Quorn isn’t vegan. Reports generally agree that it comes within 90% of the real thing but looks a bit anemic.

Here’s what the New Statesman wrote: The pastry is slightly paler, and there’s perhaps a little less inside that feels gristly or gets stuck in your teeth, but it’s very much the essence of a Greggs bake: greasy pastry and nondescript grey matter.

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