Modern medicine is very good at matching diseases and illnesses to drugs. This often works in acute (Short Term) cases, but more often simply manages and relieves symptoms in chronic (Long Term) cases.

This focus on Drugs sits badly with many athletes who want to keep their bodies as clean as possible.

Conventional Medicine is also very bad at curing chronic diseases. It relies on a one size fits all approach which targets the disease but doesn’t take account of the fact that we are all different and that we may have more than one interrelated disease.

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of the illness or disease

This will usually be a combination of genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors.

Two of the greatest causes of chronic diseases are stress and diet. It’s no surprise that Functional Medicine strongly supports vegan dietary practices.

Functional Medicine works on the principle that these root causes can result in multiple illnesses, and that it’s better to find and resolve these root causes which will be different for every patient.

Put simply conventional medicine treats the symptom not the cause, Functional Medicine treats the cause not the symptom.

In cycling terms think about repeatedly stopping to put the chain back on (Conventional Medicine), rather than adjusting the derailleur (Functional Medicine).

If you have an ongoing condition that affects your performance you might find Functional Medicine has the answers you need

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