The greenest football club in the world

Forest Green Rovers is the first vegan football club in the world. It’s also the world’s first carbon-neutral football club.

The  club is powered by 100% green energy from it’s supplier Ecotricity. They also generate their own power from the solar panels on the stadium  roof and the solar tracker at the ground’s entrance.

The grass pitch is sustainable and free from pesticides. It’s organic and it’s cut by a GPS-directed electric lawnmower running on solar power.

The club offers freshly made vegan food to all its players, staff and the fans. Freshly made veggie burgers, vegan fajitas, and a revolving menu of locally-sourced vegan dishes. The club was officially recognised as the world’s first vegan football club after it received the Vegan Trademark from the Vegan Society in 2017.

In 2108 the club was also named the world’s first carbon-neutral football club by the United Nations (UN).

Forest Green Rovers are planning to build a new and even more ambitious carbon neutral stadium called Eco Park and have applied for planning permission for the new project

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