Training Plans

Training plans are the foundation of Training Peaks popularity. No other program makes it so easy for athletes and coaches to work together to meet their goals.

Training plans, also known as structured training plans, are a collection of workouts designed to ensure you meet your training goals as laid out in your ATP.

You or your coach can build your own workouts, (but only coaches can create training plans) or choose one of the 100’s of paid plans available in the Training Peaks training plan store.

Many organizations also provide free Training Peaks plans, The TP store search function does not seem to list  any free plans so you need to find them on a third party site and click on the plan link on that site.

This will take you to the Training Peaks store where you can manage the free plans as you would paid plans:

You can find some good free plans here Sufferfest/Training Peaks free training Plans.

British Cycling also offer free Training Peaks training Plans.

Or visit our free training plan directory

If you are using the TrainingPeaks iOS Mobile app, you can apply the plan by tapping on the more icon and then locate the Training Plan to apply.

Training Plans can’t be applied or unapplied from the Android app but can be viewed once they have been applied to your calendar from TrainingPeaks online.

Some training plans are specific to an event and can only be used once. Those that aren’t event-specific can be used multiple times.

Only athletes with a Premium account can move and rearrange individual workouts in the training plan once it is applied to the training calendar.

Once a training plan is added to your calendar you will be sent a daily email summary/reminder for the following days training and the plan can also be synced to your compatible device.

And here’s the landing view you are transferred to when you click on View Workout:

How to find Paid training Plans

You can search the training plan library from the home view top right or from the store link on the left of the calender view, purchase a plan and apply it to your calendar.

Choose Your Activity and select a plan:

Review and Purchase Plan:

How to find Free Training Plans

There are many free plans available but these don’t show up when you search the store. You need to find them on another website first.

Here’s how it works with sufferfest plans: