Premium features not available in the free version

Workout Planning

Premium athletes can schedule and manage future workouts in the following ways:

  • Copy and paste workouts
  • Reschedule planned workouts
  • Drag and drop workouts into the future
  • Sync calendar with Outlook, Google and iCal

Performance Management (PMC)

The Performance Management Chart helps you to better understand your current fitness, fatigue, and form. Review your past training to see fitness trends, avoid overtraining, and peak at the right time.

Dashboard Charts

View more than 30 customizable charts to analyze your training:

  • Calories by Time Period
  • Distance by Week/Day
  • Duration by Week/Day
  • Elevation Gain by Day/Week
  • Fitness History
  • Fitness Summary
  • Kilojoules by Week/Day
  • Longest Workout (Distance)
  • Longest Workout (Duration)
  • Macronutrients by Time Period
  • Metrics
  • Peak Cadence
  • Peak HR
  • Peak Pace
  • Peak Pace by Distance
  • Peak Power
  • Peak Speed
  • Performance Management
  • Power Profile
  • Race Reports
  • TSS by Week/Day
  • Time In HR Zones
  • Time In HR Zones By Week
  • Time In Power Zones
  • Time In Power Zones By Week
  • Time In Speed Zones
  • Time In Speed Zones By Week

Peak Performances

Whenever you hit a peak power, run pace, or heart rate, you will be awarded a medal. Quickly see improvements toward your goals or review how your Peak Performances have changed over time.

Detailed Maps & Graphs

Premium athletes can vizualize their workouts with TrainingPeaks maps and graphs.

  • Satellite and Terrain views.
  • Zoom into any range on the graph
  • View and edit data by laps, splits or location
  • Isolate individual data types.
  • View map and workout data simultaneously in tiled windows

Data Editing

Premium athletes can edit their data for the most accurate representation of their training.

  • Delete warm-ups, cool downs, or erroneous segments
  • Correct inaccurate spikes, point by point
  • Cut or crop workouts
  • Edit, create, and analyze custom ranges

Elevation Correction

Elevation Correction makes your GPS data more accurate. Apply Elevation Correction to any device file with GPS data and TrainingPeaks adjusts the elevation profile using terrain information from our Ground Control™ elevation database.


ATP creates a periodized plan of weekly training commitment to build your fitness towards peak performance at key events. Enter your average weekly training hours or TSS, the dates and priority of your events, and the ATP will automatically create your annual periodization

Advanced Search

Search for workouts using keywords and filters. Premium athletes get unlimited results and advanced search options.

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