The Garmin 530, the eagerly awaiting upgrade to the Edge 500 series, the worlds most popular Bike training computers, has hit the streets and is in stock at a few of the most popular outlets.

I found stock at Clever training in the US,They offer US and Worldwide shipping.

If you’re based outside the US you may get charged customs clearance and import duties but the lower cost of the Garmin 530 in the US could offset these charges.

For example the price in the US is $299.99 (€262.96) compared with €299.99 in Europe. Amazon UK are still showing 1 to 3 months delivery as of today (25th June 2019)

If you really want a Garmin 530 and you want it now, then buy one here:

Buy Garmin Edge 530 from Clever Training US

International Worldwide Shipping. Customers outside the US may incur additional custom charges and duties