Training Peaks is the gold standard in training software focusing on planning your training schedule based on data and scientific principles. It’s highly automated but also allows manual intervention where appropriate.

This is an essential tool for any serious competitor; it’s probably overkill for the occasional user who takes a more ad hoc approach to training.

The focus is on creating and following structured training plans geared towards meeting defined fitness and event goals. You or your coach can build your own workouts and training plans or choose one of the 100’s available in the Training Peaks training plan store.

You don’t NEED to know the science behind the scenes but it certainly helps. Visit our bookstore for recommended reading.

One of Training Peaks major strengths is the Coaching edition which allows coaches to manage their business and their athletes. Coaches can also sell their training plans on the Training Peaks training plan store.

The Training Peaks coaching edition is seamlessly integrated with the Athlete edition to provide effortless and effective collaboration between coaches and athletes.

Training Peaks includes a wide range of data analysis tools based on the work of Joe Friel, Hunter Allen and Dr. Andy Coggan.

TrainingPeaks registered trademarks include such well known terms as:  TSS®, Training Stress Score®, IF®, Intensity Factor®, NP®, Normalized Power® and VirtualCoach®. These metrics popular with endurance athletes and comptitive products have developed similar methodologies using other names and acronyms.

Training Peaks comprises a suit of tightly integrated Products:

  • Training Peaks Athlete Edition (Cloud Based) – Free and Premium
  • Training Peaks Coach Edition – Premium
  • Training Peaks App for iPhone, iPad and Android devices – Free
  • Training Peaks Training Plan Store – Free and Premium
  • WKO4 Analysis Program(Desktop Program) – Premium

Training Peaks doesn’t collect data, you’ll need a cycling computer or phone app like Wahoo or Strava for that. As one of the leading training tools most devices support automatic uploads and downloads to and from Training Peaks and most file types are supported for manual upload.

There are two versions of TP athlete edition: Free and Premium while the coaching edition is only available as a paid version.

I really wouldn’t bother with the free edition, it’s very limited and will drive you mad with popups promoting the Premium edition which I think offers stunning value for the serious athlete.

If you don’t need the Premium features then maybe Training Peaks isn’t for you anyway.

To get even deeper into your data, TrainingPeaks offer WKO4 which is a premium advanced analytical tool. It’s desktop rather than cloud based and there’s a free trial period so you can see if you really need it. Golden Cheetah is a good free alternative to WKO4.

This Training Peaks guide is made up of sections based on the Main (Top) Menu, There will be a separate guide for WKO4 and the Training Peaks coaching edition.


Signing up and completing your Profile settings

Main (Top) Menu

  • Home
  • Calendar
  • Dashboard
  • ATP (Annual Training Plan)

Training Plans
Structured workout builder
How to export a structured workout
How to open an existing structured workout for editing
How to upload a completed workout
Reviewing and analysing a completed workout
Premium Features not available in the free Version
Training Peaks for Coaches