We show you how to get Garmin Discount Codes and Garmin Coupons as well as the best ways to save on new and used Garmin devices.

It’s rare to find Garmin Coupons from authorized dealers. Garmin have a very carefully controlled channel that keeps prices consistent around the world and discourages discounting and grey imports.

Garmins policy keeps prices higher than they may otherwise be, but on the plus side it also keeps the price of used Garmins higher as well. This protects your investment and reduces the cost of upgrading when you sell your old Garmin.

That said there are a number of ways you can get save on your Garmin purchase even without a Garmin Discount Code or Garmin Coupon.

Here’s a few of our top tips

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    Buy outside your home country

    Although new Garmin prices are similar in most countries, you can still make big savings, especially on the more expensive models. The US is such a huge market, with so many Garmin dealers that this is where you are likely to find bargains without relying on Garmin coupons or discount codes.

    Here’s an example of the price difference on the the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro on Amazon.com vs Amazon.co.uk

    Is the Garmin warranty valid if I buy a used Garmin outside my home country?

    Garmin offer a worldwide warranty: For units supplied in the US and anywhere else in the World except the EU the Warranty is 1 year. For units supplied in the EU the warranty is 2 years.

    If you have a problem you can ALWAYS return it to one of Garmin’s three worldwide service centers for repair either under warranty or after warranty (at your cost).  There are service centers which are in the USA, Canada, UK  and Taiwan.

    Is the Garmin warranty valid if I buy a used Garmin that is still within the Warranty period?

    If you buy a used Garmin that is within the warranty period you need to make sure you get the original purchase invoice and that this invoice is from an official Garmin Reseller, if you do this then you shouldn’t have any problems.

    The key is to make sure it is the original invoice and it’s from an authorized dealer. If you buy on eBay you can’t use the auction invoice as proof of warranty entitlement you need the original invoice.

    Here’s what Garmin say about online auctions (eBay)

    “Products purchased through online auctions are not eligible for rebates or other special offers from Garmin warranty coverage. Online auction confirmations are not accepted for warranty verification. To obtain warranty service, an original or copy of the sales receipt from the original retailer is required. Garmin will not replace missing components from any package purchased through an online auction.”

    Things to remember when buying outside your home country:

    You will probably have to pay more for delivery and many US sellers don’t ship outside the US

    You may need to buy a power adaptor

    If your device uses maps you may need to buy maps for your region. These can be quite expensive from Garmin (around $79). You can buy official Maps on eBay for around $20 and you can also add openstreetmap free maps although this needs a little technical knowledge.

    Find out about free maps for Garmin devices here

    Note: The GPS positioning of your Garmin device will work anywhere in the world and provide all the basic positioning & navigation functions it’s just the internal mapping data specific to a certain area that may not be viewable. (see above)

    Buy the previous Garmin Model

    Garmin love pushing the envelope when it comes to features and their latest devices are always loaded with more bells and whistles than the outgoing versions. As always with cutting edge technology these new releases may come with bugs and reliability issues that can take a little time to work out.

    If you don’t NEED the new features then going for the previous model can save a lot of money and heartache.

    Look at the savings you can make on the popular Garmin Forerunner 45 if you choose the Garmin Forerunner 35 instead.

    Get a Garmin Coupon from Amazon

    In the US Amazon offers coupons on specific products, look for the coupon icon and saving amount in the product detail screen.

    You can also browse through the current coupon offers by selecting the Amazon coupons dropdown. “Clip” the coupon by clicking on the specific deal you’re interested in and add the product to your cart.

    The discount is automatically applied at checkout. Don’t forget to use Amazon Prime to get free shipping. (Sign up for a 30 day free trial if you don’t have prime).

    Buy your Garmin from a retailer with a “New Customer” offer

    Lots of retailers offer Coupons and Discounts to new customers. These aren’t specifically for Garmin devices of course but for our purposes they’re effectively the same as official Garmin Discount Codes and Garmin Coupons.

    Wiggle (https://www.wiggle.com/) for example offer $20 off the first order of $100+ in the USA or £5 off your first order of £50+ in the UK. A pretty good saving.

    Check the Garmin website deals and promotions

    Garmin have a dedicated promotional section of their online store (look for Deals and Promotions in the footer of the Garmin website). Make sure you check here before you buy:

    Here’s a link to the Garmin Discount page. Different countries run different promotions

    Get a 10% Garmin Coupon when you register your device

    10% Garmin discount codes are sometimes available for your next purchase when you register your device with Garmin. This isn’t always available but it’s worth checking and is a useful saving.

    If you are using this method to get a Garmin Discount then remember to spilt your order and if possible (remembering you need to register the device to get the discount) make the most expensive item the second one you order! Remember you may be charged for two deliveries which might cancel out the savings.

    Refer a Friend and get a Garmin Discount Code

    This is another way to get a promo code that isn’t specifically for Garmin devices but for our purposes is effectively the same as an official Garmin Discount Codes and Garmin Coupons.

    Try and find someone who wants to buy something (It doesn’t have to be a Garmin) from a Garmin dealer running a “refer a friend” program, register them as your friend and save them money (15% in this example). You’ll get a discount on your Garmin and you could even ask them to split their saving with you boosting your savings even more!

    Clever training has a “refer a friend” program running at the moment:

    Check on Amazon and eBay for other sellers of the same Garmin device

    Both of these marketplaces let multiple sellers sell the same item. Their offers can be New, new open box, Refurbished or used. I like new open box, which usually means the item has been returned by a user or the box has been damaged in the warehouse.

    I’ve bought New open box items from Amazon and received perfect new stock, boxed and shrink wrapped but don’t rely on this to happen.

    My preference is New, Open box preferable from Amazon, not a third party seller.

    Don’t forget to check it comes from an authorized seller if you want the warranty.

    On Amazon you can find more offers by clicking on a link called “New and Used”.

    On eBay the link is called “New and Refurbished”.

    Check the price of less popular colors and options which can sometimes cost less

    Going for the less popular option can be a great way to save money. Amazon and eBay make this easy to check by following their “other Sellers” links (see above)

    A note of caution though, you might save money on you purchase but it might be harder to sell when you want to trade up.


    Official Garmin coupons and discount codes are few and far between but you can still make significant savings with a little research.

    Make sure you sign up to get our email alerts of the very latest Garmin Discount Codes and Garmin Coupons.

      Finally look out for our upcoming guide on how to get the best price when you sell your Garmin. Maximizing your used Garmin sales price is a great way to minimize the cost of upgrading to the latest model.