Golden Cheetah is one of the most powerful and popular cycling data analysis tools available today. It’s a free alternative to Training Peaks WKO.

There are so many features that it has a very steep learning curve but it’s easy to get started and well worth the effort to dive deeper into the advanced features.

This ultimate guide will help you become a Golden Cheetah expert. It will explain how to access and use the available analytical tools.

What it won’t do is explain the theory and science behind their use in athletic training. There’s a separate ultimate guide and an online course coming soon that will explain the science of endurance training in detail.

Golden Cheetah is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. As you’d expect for a tool like this there’s no mobile app.

The latest production version is 3.4 but I recommend you go straight to 3.5 Beta which has been available for quite a while now. It has Starva autosync which is really a good timesaver, as well as support for a very wide range of popular training apps.

This guide is over 10,000 words and will get longer. I recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the huge capabilities of Golden Cheetah. Even if you just scan through it you’ll get a good feel for what it can do for you.

You’ll also learn where to go to learn more.