Wahoo Bike computers are great choice for the data driven cyclist and pretty good value for money. Even so they’re a sizeable investment so I took a look around to find out how much I could save on an Elemnt or Elemnt Bolt.

I started by comparing prices at the usual discounters, but with little luck. Wahoo Retail prices are very closely matched and I couldn’t find any deals on new kit.

My next search was for a pre loved bargain. I soon found it wasn’t as easy as it is with Garmins which are pretty easy to pick up in the classifieds

I couldn’t find any used Wahoo Elemnts or Elemnt Bolts for sale, not just localy but not in my whole COUNTRY!

Garmins such as the Edge 500 and 520 are much easier to pick up pre owned because they’ve been around a lot longer and they’ve sold way more

Garmin also lead the way on packing in new features, so their users love to trade up to the latest model so they need to find a new home for their old unit.

Looks like Wahoo users love their Elemnts so much they don’t want to sell them.

So what’s a cash strapped cyclist to do!

As a last resort I checked out the Wahoo website where the sell direct and was pleased to find the sell factory refurbs. The savings are pretty substantial and you get a full manufacturer’s warranty.

According to the website you can get refurbished Wahoo Elemnt and Wahoo Elemnt Bolt computers

The units are completely tested and brought up to factory specifications. Cosmetically, there might be some scratches or nicks. You can buy online direct from Wahoo who offer:

  • Free 2-4 Day Shipping
  • 30 Day, No Hassle Returns
  • Full Wahoo Warranty (2 Years in Europe, 1 Year in other regions)

I think this is a great deal and a $50 saving is well worth having, especially as you have 30 days to return it if you’re not happy with what they send you.

I’ve monitored availability for a couple of weeks and all regions seem to have stock. When the go out of stock it seems to be just a few days before they get more.

Here are the prices currently available and you can click on the links and choose  Shop from the menu to buy one directly from Wahoo in your region.

Buy Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Elemnt Bolt New Price Factory Refurb Price Saving Saving %
USA $249.95 $195.99 $53.96 21.6% Buy Direct From Wahoo
UK £199.99 £164.99 £35.00 17.5% Buy Direct From Wahoo
Europe €239.99 €199.99 €40.00 16.7% Buy Direct From Wahoo

Buy Wahoo Elemnt

Elemnt Bolt New Price Factory Refurb Price Saving Saving %
USA $299.99 $249.99 $50.00 16.7% Buy Direct From Wahoo
UK £229.99 £189.99 £40.00 17.4% Buy Direct From Wahoo
Europe €279.99 €229.99 €50.00 17.9% Buy Direct From Wahoo