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Find the best apps and software for planning, tracking and analyzing your cycling workouts. We list the top free and premium solutions for enthusiasts, athletes and coaches.


Best Bike Split is part of the Training peaks family, and rather than focusing on analysis, this app focuses on prediction using mathematical modeling to forecast the power a cyclist needs to reach their goal time.

The Best Bike Split math and physics engine takes your power data, course info, and race day conditions to predict race performance and create the perfect power plan so you can hit your best bike split ever.

BestBikeSplit Pricing: Free and Premium for Athletes, Premium for Coaches with free 7 day trial.

Premium Price: Athlete $19 per month/$119 PA. Coach $299 PA.

Apps Available: No.

Cycling Analytics

The goal of Cycling Analytics is to be the most insightful, most powerful and most user friendly tool for analyzing ride data and managing training. Aimed especially at Power meter users

Cycling Analytics Pricing: Premium with free 30 day trial.

Premium Price: Australian $10/month or A$80/year.

Apps Available: No.

Final Surge

Final Surge is a fully featured app to plan track and analyze your training, from planning future workouts to importing GPS data and viewing numerous reports and statistical charts about your activities.

Final Surge lets you import free training plans from Sufferfest.

Final Surge Pricing: Free to Athletes, Premium for Coaches with free 14  day trial

Premium Price: For coaches from $19 per month for up to 5 athletes

Apps Available: iOS and Android.

Golden Cheetah

Golden Cheetah is one of the leading cycling analysis software products that lets you store all your data in one place and analyse it in many different ways. Golden Cheetah has a huge number of built in graphs and charts and also lets advanced users analyse data using R and Python.

Golden Cheetah could be considered as a Free, desktop only, alternative to Training Peaks.

Golden Cheetah Pricing: Always free (Open Source).

Apps Available: No.


The best route planner for cycling and hiking Komoot has sport-specific routing, inch-by-inch surface and way-type analysis, pinpoint elevation profiles and the world’s largest collection of outdoor Highlights.

Select your sport, add your start and end points, add the Highlights you’d like to visit along the ride and let komoot plot the perfect route for you.

Komoot Pricing: Free and Premium.

Premium Price: first region free forever then €3.99 per additional region forever.

Apps Available: iOS and Android.

Ride with GPS

Ride and analysis solutions heavily focused on mapping and sharing rides. Ride with GPS Produce branded versions for cycling clubs, tour operators and event organizers

Ride With GPS Pricing: Free and Premium.

Premium Price: Basic $6 per month/$50 PA Premium $10 per month/ $80 PA.

Apps Available: iOS and Android.


Selfloops is a training tracker for athletes and coaches. Designed to track workouts using your favorite fitness device.

You can automatically upload your workouts using the Selfloops mobile tracking app or Garmin Connect, Polar, SRM, Bryton, HealthFit, RunGap, FitnessSyncer, PowerAgent, Golden Cheetah, PerfPRO Studio software. Data are stored and processed for analysis.

Selfloops Pricing: Premium with free 30 day trial.

Premium Price: Athlete 49 Euro PA Coach Not known.

Apps Available: iOS and Android.


Sixcycle brings training calendars and workout data together for a comprehensive view of your training process, along with integrated messaging and workout recording.

Communicate one-on-one with private channels, or use group channels for group training programs, teams and clubs. Channels can include quick messages, formal posts, workout results, event RSVPs and more.

Sixcycle is in limited beta with a carefully selected group of coaches, athletes, clubs, teams and fitness institutions.

Sixcycle Pricing: Not Known.

Apps Available: Not Known.


With SportplusHealth you can track, analyze and review all your workouts, your friends and coaches can also follow your progress.

This is the only app that lets you to perform tests to measure your fitness. And we can create customized training tables to help you meet your cycling performance goals.

SportplusHealth Pricing: Free and Premium.

Premium Price: Advance level 30 Euro for 3 months/100 Euro PA free month trial of Advance level. Coaching access from 30 Euro for 3 months.

Apps Available: iOS and Android.


The Training Load and Performance charts in SportTracks use past and planned workouts in your calendar to predict your future performance levels, so you can more accurately taper your fitness for races.

You can track your workouts with your favorite watch, bike computer, or fitness app, and use that data in SportTracks

Your coach can create a free SportTracks account that lets them plan your training calendar, analyze and comment on your workouts, they can also exchange private messages, filter your Personal Records Timeline and more.

Sporttracks Pricing: Premium for Athletes, with free 45 day trial.

Premium Price: Athletes $59 PA, Free login to your account for Coaches.

Apps Available: iOS and Android.


Strava turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated running and cycling computer (it works with GPS watches and head units, too). Start Strava before your workout and you can track your performance stats, and afterwards, dive deep into your data.

Strava is also a Social Network for cyclists. Record an activity and it goes into your Strava feed. You can easily add photographs, and your friends and followers can share their own races and workouts, give kudos for great workouts and leave comments on each other’s activities.

Strava also lets you plan and share routes based on segment popularity.

Strava is free to use and there are three premium (Summit) add on packs Training, Safety and Analytics.

Strava Pricing: Free and Premium.

Premium Price: Summit add on packs from $2 per month each.

Apps: iOS and Android.

Today’s plan

You can access over 1,000 structured sessions from the workout library or if you have an understanding of training principles your can create your own structured workouts which integrate with your devices. Today’s Plan works with Garmin Connect, and the Wahoo ELEMNT app.

Today’s Plan lets you measure your progress through a wide range of intuitive analytic tools and integrate and manage your devices easily with our smart alert system.

Workouts can be exported for use in other platforms, such as Zwift.

Today’s plan Pricing: Premium free 7 day trial.

Premium Price: Self Coaching plan including System generated training plans:  $18 Per month/$179 PA.

Coached without System generated training plans: $12 per month/$99 PA.

Today’s plan is free for a coach to manage their athletes. Athletes must have a premium plan.

Apps Available: iOS and Android.

Training Peaks

TrainingPeaks provides a complete web, mobile and desktop solution to enable smart and effective endurance training.

Plan your training using weekly hours, Training Stress Score or planned race day fitness. Then, create structured workouts that are personalized to you.

TrainingPeaks includes 1000 ‘s of free and premium training plans and includes a range of Data analysis tools.

TrainingPeaks Pricing: Free and Premium for Athletes with free 14 day premium trial, Premium for Coaches with free 7 day trial.

Premium Price: Athletes Premium $19.95 per month/$119 PA. Coaches: $19 per month + $99 start-up fee (includes one premium account and allows coaching of up to four athletes).

Apps Available: iOS and Android.


Velo Hero is free and vendor independent training log and performance analysis software, that gives competitive cyclists the motivation and support to achieve their athletic goals.

Velohero Pricing: Free and Premium.

Premium Price: € 19 PA.

App: No.


VeloViewer is designed to extend Starva’s data analysis capabilities. It connects to your Strava account and downloads the data to provide advanced dashboards, charts, 3D graphics, filterable lists, leaderboards, and motivational goals.

Veloviewer Pricing: Free and Premium. Free version restricted to the last 25 rides.

Premium Price: PRO (£10 PA) PRO+ (£20 PA).

Apps Available: iOS and Android


WKO4 is part of the Training peaks family and is desktop software for cutting-edge scientific analysis and planning of cycling training data which automatically syncs with TrainingPeaks WKO4 is a download and is available for PC and Mac.

WKO4 Pricing: Premium with free 14 day Trial.

Premium Price: $169 PA.

Apps Available: No.


Xert™ web and mobile products feature MPA™ analysis which allows athletes and coaches to monitor, predict, and optimize athletic fitness using power meter based Smart workouts.

Rather than using zones and simple duration-based intervals, Smart Workouts are based on strain and the power you generate.

Smart Workouts use advanced mathematical modeling to predict precisely where you will be from a fatigue standpoint, i.e. MPA, at every point in a workout; this data is then used to set strain and focus targets in line with the desired training loads.

Xert Pricing: Premium and free 30 day trial.

Premium Price: $9.99 per month/$99 PA.

Apps Available: iOS and Android.