Strava Summit is excellent value and has many essential training and analysis features. However if, like me, you’re suffering from subscription fatigue it’s easy to build a hugely powerful alternative using these free apps; Veloviewer is £10 a year but it’s not essential (Just VERY nice) if even that’s too much for you.

Here’s a list of the add ons you’ll need to transform Strava Free into a super powerful training analysis tool for Free.

Wahoo Fitness App – iPhone and Android App – Free

Supports sensors that Strava Free doesn’t. For example it supports the Decathlon ones I use that don’t work with Strava. Also supports power meters.

Strava doesn’t support speed sensors and you need a Summit Subscription to use a power meter

Has some very nice views and shows current speed. Automatically uploads to Strava.

You can find the App on iTunes or Google play

Golden Cheetah (GC) – Standalone PC/Mac App – Free

Get Golden Cheetah

Super Powerful analysis tool that has a very good Power Estimation App to replace the Strava one.

Veloviewer – Cloud App – £10 a year

Get Veloviewer

Super powerful analysis, visualization and Strava navigation tool

Elevate – Chrome/Opera/Firefox Extension – Free

Get Elevate

Equivalent to Training Peaks Performance Management Chart and also shows a lot of essential training Stats directly in Strava

Strava Helper – Chrome Extension – Free

Get Strava Helper

Hides the “Upgrade to Summit notices and menu items”. Removes other unnecessary clutter – Nice!

Klimate  – Cloud App – Free

Adds Weather details to your activities when you upload then. (needed by GC to calculate Power for example).

Get Klimat

You can install these apps to find out more; in the meantime I’m busy writing guides for them all and will update this post as I finish them.