The Ultimate Guide to Cycling Analytics

About this online course

As a professional data scientist and a re-born cyclist (following a break of almost 40 years) I was amazed at the progress that has been made within the cycling community in using data to improve cycling performance and enjoyment.

As well as data sensors and analysis apps there are a vast number of books, videos and scientific papers published every year, all aimed at improving your cycling performance regardless of your current level and ambitions.

I discovered that most of the serious guides were extremely technical and hard to digest, often taking two or three readings to make sense.

The other thing I noticed is that few took a holistic approach to the process of improvement but rather focused on a particular “Hot topic” such as training with Power Meters.

My aim in creating this course is to use my training in data science, my experience in coaching, and my position as an independent, agnostic commentator to take the current state of the art in training with data and deliver it in a way that makes it instantly useable by anyone who wants to be a better cyclist.

When you have completed this online course you will have:

A total understanding, and the ability to implement all current “State of the Art” cycling training theory and techniques.

The ability to interpret training data using popular free and paid tools.

The ability to develop your own training plans based on your progress, to allow you to quickly meet your goals for leisure or competition cycling.

One year’s access to a library of workouts and training plans to download to most cycling computers.

One year’s access to the latest version of the course featuring the most up to date techniques.

One year’s free online help for all the products featured in the course.

Course Sections – 14 hours of learning

Section 1 – Who is this course for

Whatever your discipline and Skill level this course will help you become a better cyclist and to enjoy your cycling more. This course is especially for you if you find the current crop of training books hard to digest and implement.

Section 2 – Why train with Data

It is a truism that if you don’t measure it, it won’t happen and although it has never been easier to collect mountains of data about your cycling performance. The challenge is to interpret these data and use the insights to meet your goals.

 Section 3 – Motivation and Goals

Section 4 – Goal Setting

Section 5 – Coaching vs Self Coaching

Section 6 – Physiology of a Cyclist

Section 7 – KPIs (Key Performance Indicators what they are and why you need them)

Section 8 – Training theory

Section 9 – Data Collection theory and methods

Section 10 – Data Analysis – On Bike

Section 11 – Data Analysis – Off Bike

Section 12 – Training with a power meter

Section 13 – Training with a heartbeat monitor

Section 14 – Nutrition and Diet

Section 15 – Optimizing your Bike

Section 16 – Optimizing your Clothing

Section 17 – Optimizing your Bike fit and riding position

Section 18 – Off Bike training

Section 19- Aerodynamics

Section 20 – Everything you need to know about using Strava

Section 21 – Everything you need to know about using Golden Cheetah

Section 22 – Everything you need to know about using Training Peaks

Section 23 – How to Create a Training Plan

Section 24 – How to Create a workout

Section 25 – Workout Library files

Section 26 – Training Plan library files

The Training with Data Online Course will be available on 14th January 2019 priced at $49, €49 or £45

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