TrainingPeaks have announced a new integration with Garmin that lets you automatically sync structured workouts from TrainingPeaks to compatible Garmin devices, including the new Edge® 530 and Edge 830 cycling computers and Forerunner® 945 GPS smartwatch.

This training innovation replaces the existing TrainingPeaks Connect IQ™ app with a new integration that is compatible with even more Garmin devices.

AutoSync Your Workouts

You can easily send structured workouts from your TrainingPeaks calendar to your Garmin Connect calendar. Once uploaded your device can guide you through your workout in real time.

Your completed activities are then automatically updated from Garmin Connect to your TrainingPeaks calendar.

Structured workouts are created using the TrainingPeaks Workout Builder. Alternatively you can use a training plan from the TrainingPeaks website.

Next-Generation Integration with the latest Garmin Devices

The Edge 530 and 830 are the latest training devices from Garmin fitness, and when used in combination with TrainingPeaks, offers athletes and coaches a seamless training experience.

From planning and creating future structured workouts, to precise execution and tracking your workouts in real-time, to in-depth analysis and performance review afterward, this integration advances the cutting edge of endurance training technology.

Training Peaks also Syncs data from the Garmin Index™ Smart Scale

You can also automatically sync health data from the Garmin Index™ Smart Scale to your TrainingPeaks account.

Following a one-time setup, your body composition data including body weight, percent body fat, muscle mass, water percentage, and body mass index (BMI)  will instantly upload to your TrainingPeaks calendar.