What a great idea!

ErgDB is a free open source database of over 4000 free workouts and an easy to use workout builder that lets you build your own workouts from scratch or modify existing cycling workouts.

ErgDB is also a library of over 4000 structured workouts, created by enthusiasts and experts and downloadable as mrc, zwo and erg files.

You can clone existing workouts to modify them and also create your own workouts from scratch or by modifying an mrc or erg file that you can upload on the create workout page

All Workouts include a full description of the prescribed workout plus Stress and Intensity values.

Workouts are categorized and can be filtered by the following workout types:

  • All
  • Tempo
  • Threshold
  • V02 Max
  • Anarobic
  • Time

You can also find similar Workouts, Clone Workouts and find more workouts by same author

Here’s the view of the workout builder.

Go to the ergDB workout blog to see how to push workouts to Garmin and Wahoo devices as well as details of the API and more guidance on how to use ergDB.