ErgDb, the World’s biggest library of free training plans has rebranded as, with a new website, another 1000 free training plans (bringing the total up to 5,000) and some great new features including Training Peaks integration.

The workouts and the workout creator are still free forever but there’s an annual charge of $25 for the advanced features.

With the free plan you’ll get

  • 5000+ Open Source Workouts by ERGdb
  • Push Workouts to Garmin and TrainingPeaks
  • The Fastest Workout Creator
  • Unlimited Downloads

As a premium member you’ll get:

  • Lifetime “Founding Member” Badge
  • Support the people who make this important resource possible
  • Discounts on any future chargeable features
  • Advanced Search
  • TrainingPeaks Integration
  • Private list sharing
  • Lots of extra Garmin and TrainingPeaks options including Heart Rate training

Here’s a little more detail on the premium features:

Power Search

Power search is an advanced training plan search feature which offers a number of useful filters and also lets you search your personal library. Filters include time, stress or intensity and you can sort the results by field.

Garmin and Training Peaks Integration

You can choose how you want to send your workouts to Garmin.  3-second power target,  10-second, lap-power and more.  Heart Rate based training is also available with supported workouts automatically converted to their heart rate based equivalent.

If you’re using your Garmin device to control your trainer in ERG mode Trainerday now supports switching to exact power rather than a range.

You can also send HR based workouts to Training Peaks.

Share your private workouts with your friends

If you have workouts you only want to share with your friends you can do that using the private list share option.

Send Training Plans to Training Peaks

Now you can send Trainerday training plans directly to Training Peaks with one click. You can also break your plans up into smaller blocks, for example 4-weekly blocks and push each block to Training Peaks as you finish the previous one.

If you have a Training Peaks premium account your workouts will be allocated to specific days.  If you have a free plan the workouts will all be allocated today (this is a Training Peaks restriction).

Given that a single training plan from Training Peaks can cost anywhere from $10 to $200 then $25 a year is a small price to pay for this remarkable resource. The new website is way better than the old ErgDB site and I would strongly recommend you sign up and support the Trainerday team.

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