In January 2018 The GoldenCheetah Open Data project was started to enable athletes to contribute to the body of data available for the benefit of cyclists .

The aim is to create an open-access database of endurance exercise data for use by amateurs, academics and professionals.

  • The data is entirely anonymized, no personally identifiable information is stored or made available.
  • We store one file per athlete, with each file containing a summary json plus csv files for each activity
  • We publish the actual data to an Open Science Framework project here: (DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/6HFPZ)
  • This repo provides tools for working with the data

One of the first things to drop out of the open data collection is a table describing the performance data of the cycling population.

These tables show values for things like CP, W’, Pmax across the population and by percentile. (for example, if your 5 min Power is 558 Watts then 99.99% of the population have less power than you).

Get the PowerProfile Data in Google Sheets

Get the PowerProfile Data in Excel Format

To contribute to the GoldenCheetah Open Data project you need to be running GoldenCheetah 3.5-DEV1810 or later and after a while (10 restarts) it will ask you if you want to contribute