Golden Cheetah is a fantastic program for analyzing your cycling data, especially as it’s absolutely free.

The thing is that despite being extrememly powerful it also has a very steep learning curve and the interface isn’t that intuitive.

I’ve put together this list of useful resources to help you get the most from Golden Cheetah and to troubleshoot any problems you run into.

Golden Cheetah “Ask and Expert” on Training with Data

You can email me with your questions

Golden Cheetah Video Tutorials on the GC Website

A collection of videos to get you started with Golden Cheetah, produced by the GC development team

Golden Cheetah Video Tutorials

Golden Cheetah Review of the Science Used for Analysis on the GC Website

An explanation of the most important concepts in training, why they are important and how they can help you to improve your performance.

Golden Cheetah Scientific Principles

Golden Cheetah Any Topic  forum on Google Groups

This support forum lets you ask questions about anything to do with Golden Cheetah and how to use it. It’s very active and the moderators are extremely knowledgeable and responsive. You often get a reply from someone who actually developed the feature you’re asking about

Golden Cheetah Community Support

Golden Cheetah Issues forum on Github

This support forum is exclusively for technical support issues and bug fixes.

Golden Cheetah Support Forum

Golden Cheetah User Guide on Github

You can find the user guide here

Golden Cheetah User Guide

Golden Cheetah FAQ on Github

There are over 100 FAQs on the official Github repository, you’ll find the answer to many of your questions here

Golden Cheetah FAQ

Golden Cheetah Releases and Change Log on Github

Find what’s been introduced, upgraded and fixed on every release of Golden Cheetah

Golden Cheetah Change log