Today’s Plan Workout FTP test

Everything you do to train as a cyclist revolves around your FTP results so it’s important to get this number right. Many programs slice and dice your regular workouts to estimate your FTP but I feel it’s worth the effort to test your FTP correctly on a regular basis (every 4 – 6 weeks) preferably using a power meter.

I love the way TP lets you drop an FTP test into your calendar, tells you exactly what you need to do and then lets you send it to you device. It really is a no brainer.

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How to Use Golden Cheetah with Today’s Plan

In Golden CheetahGo to Share > Add cloud account select Activities under Service type then select Today’s Plan

Adding Today’s Plan to Golden Cheetah

Integrated heart rate variability testing

Today’s Plan is now integrated with HRV4Training app (the only scientifically validated HRV app that doesn’t require an external sensor) which allows users push their physiological data to Today’s Plan.

Measuring your Heart Rate Variability and providing tailored feedback on your physical condition helps you optimize your goals and prevent overtraining.

Garmin Wellness synchronisation

You can now have all of your Garmin Wellness data automatically sync. directly to your Today’s Plan account. This includes all of your weight, sleep data, steps, calorie intake and resting heart rate. (Go to Athlete Menu > Account > Connections).

You can configure your calendar display to show all of this data for each day.


In creating this guide I used Today’s Plan support quiet a lot using the support message boxes and they are very knowledgeable.

Response time it great (overnight for me in every case) helped by the fact they are in Australia so work while I sleep!

The help file isn’t huge and goggling doesn’t help as much as with some other programs so I think it’s OK to use support plus it gives them feedback on where users are struggling.